How to add animated heart rate designs to your Twitch Stream

Check out our gallery packed with FREE heart rate animations!

Even if you haven’t heard of HypeRate before, then this update will make you happy in so many ways because YOU can now add custom designed heart rate animations to your twitch stream with your Apple Watch in a simple and easy way and on top of this, for FREE! So let’s get started with our latest additions to HypeRate :)

Add Beautiful animations from leading designers of our Discord community

We teamed up with some of the best designers on our Discord and asked them to create lots of templates with custom designs and animations for our users, and guess what? They delivered and blew us away with their creativity and dedication for a project that is entirely powered by the twitch community!

Check out some of their latest additions:

Adding your new animation to your stream couldn’t be easier: Download the HypeRate mobile app to your iPhone, and use your Apple Watch or MiBand 3 as a heart rate monitor and get started. You can even use HypeRate with your Samsung Watch even, if it’s using WearOS. Then, choose the template you want to use in your stream, copy the link and add your unique stream ID, before adding THAT link as a browser source to your OBS or OBS Studio. It’s that easy!

But what if you have already designed a custom heart animation for your stream that matches your brand colors? Don’t worry, you can still use your custom CSS and use your individual design!

You also can visit our VR-Gallery with Spatial

Integrations that allow you to control your streaming environment

Custom Designs are great, but using your heart rate to automate and control your streaming environment, like your NanoLeafs for example is even more fun. From changing colors, to turning the light on and off, are already some options to make your stream more exciting. But our community envisioned more, like automated Polaroid like pictures to add to your discord channel, or an automated Zoom on your FaceCam once you pass 120bpm for example. Or automating channel points like making your scary sounds that you integrated with Lioranboard more expensive once you are already on the edge with your heart racing. The options are endless and our community is building relentlessly on new way on how to use your heart rate to make your stream more exciting for your viewers.

Become part of the community on discord and inspire others

HypeRate started with the idea to make a great app to stream your heart rate right from your Apple Watch, but today we have created a great community that enables YOU to make your stream exciting in so many ways. Our community, and the creativity behind every individual who develops these integrations and making ideas possible are the real most important thing behind HypeRate. We want you to have the best tools to make your scary streams, IRL streams, or speed run streams really engaging and fun, so join our community and inspire others by sharing your ideas and supporting each other.

We would love to see you there, so join our discord and become part of the only heart rate app that is for free and also powered by the twitch community itself! (We’re also working for YouTube streaming, just saying! ;-) )

Hope to see you soon,

Woodryda & Muermuer