How to Add Your Heart Rate on Twitch — A Quick Guide for Beginners

Twitch Heart Rate Monitor HypeRate


What are the benefits of adding your heart rate on Twitch?

How to add your Heart Rate from Apple Watch with for FREE in only 2 minutes!

So here’s the 5-Step guide on how to get started:

How to Set Up Heart Rate Monitor for Streaming without a smartphone? New Feature 🎉

Introducing: HypeRate Web Bluetooth Connection

Which devices does HypeRate support?

Chest Belts:

  • Polar H10
  • CooSpo H808S
  • Wahoo TickrX
  • KYTO 2809

Arm Bands:

  • Polar OH1
  • Wahoo TICKR FIT

Smart Watches:

  • Apple Watch SE3,4,5 & 6
  • Android Watch (WEAROS only)
  • Garmin Fenix 6 PRO
  • Xiaomi MI Band 3



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