How to add your Xiaomi MIBand as a heart rate monitor to Twitch


Add your heart rate on twitch with Xiamo MIBand, Apple Watch, or other devices (experimental)

What if there was an easy solution to use budget-friendly Fitness Trackers to add your heart rate on twitch and show your audience how emotionally involved you are in your games live on stream? Wait no longer, here is your integration with one of the most asked devices we got asked for!

There is a saying that action shows louder than words and this definitely applies for twitch or passionate app developers too :)

From time to time we get questions from our community, and 100% of the time we read them. In 100% of all cases, we ask our developers how we can make it possible. We don’t succeed always, but today we are very proud to announce that we will enable all of our users to use their Xiaomi MIBand as their Heart Rate Monitor for Twitch!

All you need to get started is your Xiaomi MIBand, our App, your iPhone, and 2 minutes. It’s that easy!

How to add your MIBand

So let us show you how you can get started:
1. Download Hyperate from the App Store (currently open Beta)
2. Open App on your iPhone
1. Tap on “Connect to Xiaomi Mi Band” in your settings to initiate Bluetooth Pairing. A list of connectable devices will appear.
2. Select your Device. (Bring your Mi Band in close range to the iPhone. Make them cuddle.)
3. You Mi Band is now successfully paired :)
4. Go back to Main view, and tap start, kick off your next streaming session with your brand new device.

Your Session URL will stay the same even after the stream, and with Custom CSS, you will also be able to change the background color or display any theme you like!

So forget expensive Chest Straps, a dying batter,y or complicated integrations — add your real heart rate widget to Twitch in 2 minutes and with a free app!

What do you think of our new integration? Let us know on our Discord and make sure to also check our Facebook, YouTube to never miss any updates in the future :)