HypeRate now supports Heart Rate Monitors with BLE Support

Our biggest update so far 🎉

Why is BLE Support important?

If you’re a streamer looking for accurate heart rate monitoring, look no further than a chest belt monitor. These monitors beat most smartwatches and are comfortable to wear, and come with BLE support. They also work for playing games like Beat Saber or vigorous physical training on stream.

Our community has been waiting for a more diverse support for devices, and we couldn’t be more grateful for our developer team who made an even broader support possible.

HypeRate now supports Heart Rate Monitors with BLE support!

The following devices are currently supported:

Chest Belts:

  • Polar H10
  • CooSpo H808S
  • Wahoo TickrX
  • KYTO 2809

Arm Bands:

  • Polar OH1
  • Wahoo TICKR FIT
  • Scosche Rhythm+

Smart Watches:

  • Apple Watch SE3,4,5 & 6
  • Android Watch (WEAROS only)
  • Garmin Fenix 6 PRO
  • Xiaomi MI Band 3

Our team believes that this gives our community the freedom to chose the device they love most, and fits their individual activity on stream.

We can’t wait to see even more exciting streams from our community on Twitch with their HR monitors of choice.

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Happy Streaming!

Woodryda & Muermuer

Hyperate.io is the only app that allows you to directly embed your heart rate from Apple Watch and a huge range of heart rate monitors with BLE support into your Twitch stream with a 2- minute setup.

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