NEW: FrightRate — Horror Games Ranked By Your Heart Rate On Stream!

FrightRate — a platform for the Horror Community

We love Horror Games! But comparing the field of Horror Games can be a struggle — how do you even measure how scary a Horror Game is?

Many of our streamers use HypeRate with your heart rate monitor during Horror Streams, and while watching we started noticing how different streamers react to challenging situations and how we could almost predict a bump in their heart rate if we already knew the game.

Yes, you read that right — we love watching the streams of our community ;-)

And with this thought, FrightRate was born — the world's first platform to compare games by the streamers’ heart rate, captured live during their streams on Twitch!

How to join FrightRate?

Any streamer who is using HypeRate with the latest version on TestFlight, has logged in via Twitch AND is playing a horror game will appear on the FrightRate Leaderboard, and will also have automatically created Highlight Clips by AI that can be rated by the community.

Additionally, any streamer will contribute to the rating of the horror game they are streaming and make it easier for others to identify how scary a game actually is.

Here is a breakdown of our main features:

  • Contribute to an authentic rating for Horror Games while you stream just by using HypeRate and playing Horror Games
  • Join our leaderboard and compare your heart rate with other streamers, so you finally know how fearless you really are
  • Discover clips that have been created by our brand-new AI „Caprica“ that automatically detects shock moments during your stream for you to share on social media
  • Get inspirations for new horror games and compare their scariness to the streamers’ actual heart rate during their streams!

Additionally, we partnered with a university to research the effects and correlations between streaming, gaming, and heart rate! This enables the researchers to learn more about the health effects and emotional reactions during streams. We’re incredibly happy to contribute to a scientific purpose that can influence the future of gaming! :)

So, how do you like FrightRate? :)

Join our Discord and let us know what we can do better! :)




Add a heart rate widget to Twitch in only 2 minutes! Join our free public beta:

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Heart Rate for Twitch -

Heart Rate for Twitch -

Add a heart rate widget to Twitch in only 2 minutes! Join our free public beta:

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