TwitchCon 2022 AMS Wrap Up 🎉

A story about how went to TwitchCon and came back hyped

Are we there yet? TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022

February 2022 — It was cold inside, empty in our living rooms and Twitch Streams were one of the few ways to stay connected to the outside world.

Co-Working, Gaming Streams, Horror Streams, Live Performances from Solo Singers because not even bands were coming together — we watched all of them.

In Awe.

And then it happend: TwitchCon 2022 was announced and it should happen in Amsterdam! One of Muermuers favourite cities in all Europe.

Once TwitchCon was announced, we knew we had to go!

We had no idea how, but we needed to!

Our team has always felt strong about the Twitch Community even though HypeRate has been used on many other platforms like in the Metaverse with VR Chat, or even Facebook Gaming.

Our hearts connect all of us and after a long time beeing isolated due to the pandemic, we felt it was about time!

We wanted to connect to our favourite creators, to our community and everyone who helped to grow our community stronger!

And we did!

We found a way (it was a bus) and a hotel (it was a really nice one!) and went to TwitchCon to grab our badges and even presented HypeRate at the TwitchCon Creator Tools Session and it was a blast!

Presenting at Twitch Creator Tools Session at TwitchCon 2022 in Amsterdam

We also met some of our favourite creators and enjoyed some time with the community!

Funtee from EMPCrew — a god for Twitch Gamification and Extension
Ibabyrainbow with Muermuer
HypeRate Team with Lumia
WaldoandFriends and Muermuer
Muermuer and LaraLoft (Fangirl Alert!)
Muermuer at her Panel: “How Authors tell stories and build communities”

It was a blast!

We will come back for sure — we heard next years TwitchCon should happen in Belgium, and we aim for the Waffles!

All of them!

How has TwitchCon been for you? And what has been your favorite moment at TwitchCon this year?

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